Ale Ravalli - A Mother and a Daughter Duo. – Ale Ravalli-Handmade in Italy

Mother and Daughter - Italian Artisan Collection

Ale Ravalli is an Italian fashion brand created through the collaboration between my mother, who has 40 years experience as seamstress and myself, a young designer.
My mum learnt to sew since the age of 12 in an atelier in Sicily, where she is from, at a time where clothes were only tailor-made.
Regarding myself, I grew up in an environment where making clothes was the main activity. My mum passed onto me the passion for beautiful textiles and for unique dresses.
With Ale Ravalli we partner to propose you timeless yet perfectly made garments (each is handcrafted with the utmost dedication, care and attention to detail). We also use only natural leftover fabrics we carefully source through local stockists in Tuscany.
Simplicity of style and quality of fabrics are combined with the perfect execution of handmade dressmaking: an Italian tradition passed down from one generation to the next.
Ale Ravalli collection is designed and handmade in Tuscany.
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Photography: Manuela Batas and Alessandra Rinaudo