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Welcome to Ale Ravalli - Handmade in Italy!


My mother and myself created Ale Ravalli from our desire to give you beautiful and lasting garments crafted in the same way clothes were made in the past.

My mum, Concetta, learnt the art of dressmaking since the age of 12 as she was sent to a tailor by my grandmother. Apparently she was the best apprentice and in 2 years she became a qualified seamstress, sewing clothes for the women of her hometown, in the heart of Sicily, at a time when the tailor-made was more popular.

When I was 2 years old we moved to Tuscany and she continued this tradition of tailoring clothes. I remember she used to make my entire wardrobe using silk, velvet and tartan wool: fabrics we now use for our collections. Then as teenager, I started to sketch my own clothes and she would sew them. Her passion ultimately influenced my love for vintage fashion, craftsmanship, high-quality fabrics and well tailored pieces. Vivianne Westwood corsets, Coco Chanel cropped jackets and Armani minimalism inspired me.

After I completed my studies in Visual Arts, I based myself in London and I worked in the clothing industry. Being in the capital of Fast Fashion I quickly became tired of trends and I started to appreciate clothes that had a nostalgic, old-world feel. Vintage pieces for example often are of a better quality than high street fashion garments. Moreover, visiting exhibitions, I noticed that designers many times were talking about how they prefer to work with Italian artisans to create their collections. This led me to rethink about the importance of our tradition of craftsmanship and to work with my mother.

The ultimate catalyst for our collaboration came then from an interview I casually watched of Pierpaolo Piccolo and Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative directors of Valentino, where they pointed out how often Italian fashion has been tied to a few strong stylistic personalities. Instead, they sustain what makes Italian fashion so influential globally is not just a creative idea and a style, but also the perfect execution: it is the quality of the dressmaking that makes the design stronger.


With Ale Ravalli our aim is to share the know-how of my mother and to make this unique dedication to handmade clothes accessible to everyone.

Through the quality of her dressmaking, she translates my ideas and designs in garments. Choosing mainly natural, leftover fabrics sourced from local stockists in Tuscany, and providing a made-to-order service with a minimum fabrics waste, we ensure a product created combining traditional sartorial techniques and a sustainable ethic.

Our customers can also commission pieces to be made with the understanding of the quality and process that will take place, from design, to the procurement of fabrics to the finished product. (We also accept commissions for Wedding dresses).

Most fashion is designed 12-18 months before it’s realised. With us a sketch can become a garment in about a month. Although we are aware of trends, our designs are timeless and clean yet feminine. We believe the perfect fit is the most important detail of our brand. It is a collection of everyday and occasional clothing with a contemporary edge and energy focusing on fabrics with a fantastic feel and durability, to be worn for years to come.

Lastly, our pieces are exclusive produced in limited series only.  

We love to create personal pieces. If you need a bespoke service, please contact us!

Thank you!

Alessandra and Concetta