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About Us

Ale Ravalli, Pattern Cut Sew and Machine

Ale Ravalli is a collaborative project between my mother and myself started in 2015.


My mother, Concetta was sent at the age of 12 by my grandmother to a tailor to learn the art of dressmaking. Apparently my mother was the best apprentice the tailor had. One day the tailor had a lot of work to do and she called my mother to help with the cutting of some clothes for a client. My mother was worried and she asked her: 'What if I make a mistake?'.The tailor answered: 'If you make a mistake I will pay for a new fabric.' She already knew that my mum would not make an error. My aunt has always told me that my mum 'has a gift'. When my mum was 7 years old she was already knitting clothes for dolls and she used to correct the knitting of my grandmother. All the neighbours were astonished at how gifted my mum was. After 2 years of apprenticeship she became a seamstress, sewing clothes for the women in her hometown. At that time it was more common to have tailor-made clothes.


Since I was born my mum used to make all my clothes. When I was a teenager I started to sketch and design my own clothes and my mum would sew them. With time I have developed my own taste and style. I like what is simple and comfortable and I love geometrical lines. My mum has passed on to me her love for beautiful fabrics and I learnt how to recognise the quality of them.


Although all the people who know about my mother's sewing ability have pushed us to make clothing, the ultimate catalyst for our collaboration came from an interview I fortuitously watched last year. Pierpaolo Piccolo and Maria Grazia Chiuri, both creative directors of Valentino, pointed out how very often Italian fashion has been tied to a few strong stylistic personalities and how there has been a lack of communication about the craftsmanship, the art of manufacturing. More than the pret-a-porter the italian fashion is linked to the couture. Couture is part of our memory of being Italians, as it is associated with the vision of the workshop, of the atelier, which was born during the Renaissance period in the 15th Century as a space where artists could harness their creativity. They also stated how extremely important is to make people understand how one of the fundamental values of Italian fashion is the indispensable bond between the idea and the quality of the dressmaking. The quality of manufacturing makes the idea itself stronger. What makes Italian fashion so strong globally is not just a creative idea and a style, but also the perfect execution.


It is common to find a tradition of manual ability within many italian families and this is linked to a strong passion, to the love every seamstress puts into every stitch she sews. Ale Ravalli brings from Italy this unrivalled dedication to handmade clothes. All the garments are made in-house through the close collaboration between my mother and myself. Using only natural, leftover fabrics bought solely from local stockists in Tuscany, we ensure a product of artisan quality with an ethos of sustainability.


Ale Ravalli seeks to re-energise the tradition of handmade clothes with a personal touch, creating a bespoke service where customers can also commission garments to be made with the understanding of the quality and process that will take place, from design, to the procurement of fabrics to the finished product. 


The designs are timeless and clean yet feminine. It is a collection of everyday and occasional clothing with a contemporary edge and energy focusing on fabrics with a fantastic feel and durability, to be worn elegantly for years to come.


We love to create unique and personal pieces. If you need a bespoke service, please contact us!